"Stop Breathing - Or the Planet Dies!"

If you thought that the whole "global warming" story was a hoax designed to help the global elite tax us more and control us even better, think again. Because, while it is indeed about those things, there's something even darker at the core of the United Nations/ World Economic Forum obsession with 'greenhouse gases'. The carbon they REALLY want to get rid of is - YOU!

These globalists make no bones about wanting to see a massive reduction not only in our 'carbon footprints', but also in the number of us around to make them.

The latest step down the slippery road to forced population is a new UK government-funded study, conducted by scientists at the U.K. Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. This purports to show that “human breathing is contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.” Therefore, the study authors are urging "caution in the assumption that emissions from humans are negligible."

The peer-reviewed study published last Wednesday in the Public Library of Science's journal PLOS One investigated greenhouse gas emissions of methane and nitrous oxide in human breath, which allegedly "contribute to global warming."

In the first instance, this anti-human nonsense will be used to brainwash even more young people into deciding not to have children "for the sake of the planet". It will also be used to 'justify' abortion. A bit further down the line though, if it's OK to kill unborn babies to "protect Mother Earth", then why not also old people? And the sick? And the disabled? And the homeless? And the unemployed? And the depressed? And YOU?