"Baby Killers" - a very old trick

From German soldiers tossing Belgian babies onto their bayonets through to Iraqis throwing babies out of incubators, whenever the liberal elite want to prod us peasants into paying for and dying in one of their lousy wars, they drag out the old lie about "baby killers".

They're doing the exact same thing now over the Gaza war. Every newspaper in the Western world is full of hysterical headlines about Hamas "beheading babies". But even the Israeli army has said that it cannot confirm the story, which is based on unsubstantiated claims made by one single reporter talking about something she was told by a soldier but has not seen for herself.

So it's hearsay. Almost certainly a lie. Or perhaps something based on the tragedy of an innocent child being killed and mutilated by a grenade fragment or high velocity bullet - it's what such weapons do, to innocent bystanders as well as to soldiers.

To exploit such tragic death in order to whip up war fever across the world is unforgiveable. It is equally wrong to focus on allegations about forty Jewish babies, while saying nothing about the ongoing operation to kill a million Palestinian babies and children in Gaza with indiscriminate bombs, thirst and hunger.

There's an extra special hypocrisy to this selective indignation about the deaths of babies when it comes from journalists and news outlets which support abortion. After all, by taking that position they've helped to dismember and torture-murder literally millions of babies.

To decent people like us, the death of ANY innocent child is a death too many. The deliberate drive to murder a million of them - or to force their families to flee their homes and come to the West as angry, unwanted refugees - is shaping up to be the most terrible war crime so far this bloody century.

The Lying Press are collaborators in this crime. But remember, the real target of media war propaganda is never the alleged perpetrators, whether they're Germans, Russians, Iraqis or Palestinians. The real target is YOU. The elite want your taxes to go to their cronies in the military-industrial complex, because war is a racket. And they want your sons and grandsons for their meat grinder.

Nothing has changed since they lied us into war back in 1914 - except that this time, the whole insane conflict could go nuclear and get us all blown to hell!

#NotInOurName #NotOurWar