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New teaching materials created by the NHS, Scottish Government and Education Authorities advise that kids aged between five and nine-years-old should be taught about the ‘gender issue’!

England and Ireland are NEXT! Lesson plans are to be put in place for schoolkids to “choose their own gender”.

As part of the Curriculum for ‘Excellence’, the controversial guidelines say that children need to learn about gender to be able to “learn about themselves”. The lesson plan begins by teaching kids that both sexes can partake in the same activities like baking and playing football – and that boys and girls alike can cry but quickly get more sinister and perverted! It goes into more detail to discuss the issue of gender and instructing teachers that the lesson should be to understand gender equality and challenge gender stereotypes. It says that children need to “learn about what we mean by gender, that this is different from the sex we are assigned at birth”, and that “gender is about how we see and present ourselves in the world”.

It then goes on to explain that teachers should tell children: “Your gender is what you decide. You might be a boy or a girl, or maybe you don’t like to decide that.”

It’s time to take a stand to defend our precious children from corruption A pro-life victory would also send a clear message to the would-be abusers of our children and mockers of our faith that their time is coming to an end.

We will not tolerate this kind of thing anymore! All this is possible if we can raise the campaign costs, are YOU with me?

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