• U.N. To Make 'Homophobia' a 'Crime Against Humanity'

    So-called “homophobia” can already get you banned on social media, sacked from your job or expelled from education. But it will also make you guilty of 'crime against humanity' if the woke warriors at the United Nations have their way!

    A new draft treaty, entitled “Draft Articles on Prevention and Punishment of Crimes Against Humanity” has been grinding its way through UN committees since 2019. The document proposes removal the old definition of gender as male or female. It also broadens the classification of a crime against humanity so as to include LGBT people as populations to be protected.


  • Euthanasia & Suicide Link Exposed

    With fresh efforts being made to legalise euthanasia in Britain, a new study has exposed the way in which suicide through euthanasia is linked to more general rises in suicide.

    A study published by the Anscombe Bioethics Centre in Oxford has warned that the “legalisation of euthanasia or assisted suicide is a threat to suicide prevention”. Women have also been shown to be disproportionately affected. Saying ‘yes’ to suicide leads to more suicide.

    “We have to accept death but we do not have to accept suicide”, comments Professor David Albert Jones, the author of the study, “Suicide Prevention: Does Legalising Assisted Suicide Make Things Better Or Worse?”

  • And now.... some good news!

    It's all too easy for pro-lifers like us to feel overwhelmed by bad news. Examples of successful resistance to the baby-killing agenda of so many in high places are all too rare, while darkness and cruelty are more and more normalised.

    So here's a piece of GOOD news for you! The monsters of the baby-killing lobby in the UK are desperately upset over the appointment of a pro-life MP as Minister for Women.